SecureKlip is the new answer to the age-old question; Where do I put my purse? Keeps purses safely off the floor and backs of chairs and safely out of harm's way. SecureKlip attaches to virtually any flat surface, and its patent-pending retention tip acts as a theft deterrent. Restauraunts, bars, nightclubs, sports arenas, theatres, cinemas, schools and offices are just some of the applications. The New answer to the age-old question, Where do I put my purse? SecureKlip, a precision molded plastic device holds purses and other belongings securely up, off the floor and out of harms way. With a unique patent-pending retention tip, SecureKlip also acts as a theft deterrent. SecureKlip attaches easily to virtually any flat surface.

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September 5, 2008
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August, 2008
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SecureKlip: The answer to the age old question "Where do I put my purse?"

SecureKlip is the new answer to the age-old question; Where do I put my purse? This new purse clip or purse hook also acts as an anti-theft device, with its unique patent-pending retention tip to deter would be thieves. Purse theft has become quite an issue for many establishments that are concerned with their patrons comfort, safety and security. Restaurant purse theft happens often with purses left vulnerable on the back of the chair or the floor. Bar and nightclub purse theft is an even bigger problem with dim lighting and most patrons guard being down due to their alcohol consumption. Purse theft is also a major issue for offices, sports arenas, theatres, cinemas and salons. Virtually anywhere people go to have a good time with their purses and other belongings.

Some bars have installed purse hooks under the bar as one solution, with nightclubs and restaurants following suit for their bar area. The problem with a purse hook or a simple purse clip is that it doesn't deter thieves in any way. A purse can easily be slipped off of a purse hook and a thief would be on his way without a patron having time to react. Secure clip's anti-theft retention tip stops a bag or a purse from being easily pulled off, and gives patrons the opportunity to react to a theft situation.

Purse bacteria is also another concern for establishments and patrons alike. Bacteria on the bottom of purses are considered a large health risk. Such bacteria as e-coli has been found in large quantities on the bottom of women's purses, and yet women often will put their handbag right on top of a table where they are eating. The fact that most women will put their purse on a dirty floor or on the floor of a restroom is where the accumulation of these purse bacteria comes from, so Secure klip is also a preventative solution for this problem.

Because a convenient and safe place for women to put their purses is not a usual consideration for most establishments, many are simply unaware of the frustration that most women have in looking for a place to put their purse. If they are aware, the options to date have not been very good, so many establishments have just done what they have always done nothing. For those restaurants, bars, nightclubs, salons, theatres, sports arenas, and other venues that take a proactive position by installing Secureclip, they are not only creating a solution for purse theft, purse bacteria and clutter on their floors, but they are also showing their customers that they care. This will create the kind of customer loyalty that will keep people coming back time and time again.


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